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there's a place i must go
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Tiffany Gabrielle Xinidakis
Artist | Student | Varied

About me

My name is Tiffany Gabrielle, I'm 22. French-Canadian student. Not so much the cool kind though, the kind that drags on basic education for all kinds of complicated but ultimately unfortunate reasons, but it's alright. I can be pleasant and bubbly or angsty or even an ultra horndog. i can be very serious or calm or i can have bursts of energy and sudden need to get air. Fancy way to describe spontaneous clostrophobia. i don't know if I'm appealing to anyone in my writing. my sense of self and identity is as precise as it is abstract to me but also maybe most people. I wrate a mother tone of allot. I love my boyfriend very very much. That's a rare thing and I'm thankful for it through mah occasional angst and misery. Maybe I'm getting carried away. Totally not dazed for any particular reason. I wish I spoke dykier than I do duuuude. I'm afraid of fmininity. Please dont think I suck, stranger,mbut it's your freedom anyway. Deep. Aliens.

Deviantart is a community I really enjoy & love to meet new people here. Don't be afraid to say hi if you like, despite the occasional timidity I am very much approachable & quite friendly.

My artistic aspirations are to study and study and study (and study and study)(and study) ever improving my skills, which I'm unsatisfied with. Aren't we all, and with reason! Look at all the talent around us. There will always be a next level. I hope some day my abilities will match up to my imagination, which I'm very eager to express.

I also like to read. Amelie Nothomb books are my favorite.

Please take the time to like my facebook page I would super super appreciate it... cause im indie as (curse wird) and it's shameful but not to the poiint that im not asking you to like my facebook page. its disapointing isn't it. Like most artists I try to build something realistic for myself to permit me to integrate art in my life moreso and perhaps even fruitfully in the future so it's good to have a support base kind of. Aw I hope I'm not coming across as Ryan Secrest or the Nono shopping channel woman,

facebook Link of an artsy nutcase who thinks you hate her:…

  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: rain falling outside
  • Reading: TOO FAR Brian Shapero
Accidentally dropped an ice cold piece of frozen yogurt on the kitten playing below. He got surprised. It was funny.

10554151 820912744620879 1487621407 N by luc1d-dream

The best way to smoke is to blow it towards the source of the lightening and catch the sky flickering. I loved my 10 minutes in the rain. Got awful mosquito bights though. (well that's what I get)

- - -

Strong feelings of fear creep up on me. By now it isn't only redundant, it's apparently funny. I'm not as crazy as I think, but I sure come off that way. (... sniff)

I got bit or something. Not really, this time. I mean, I have to devote myself thouroughly to something. Things. It's all very stressful for me, but it I pick one for myself, maybe I have a chance at holding myself together through the rest of them. All these projects I mean. I know what I want, I know how to get it. Write it, illustrate it, make a plan. Make it all happen. Brave accomplishments are something to be proud of... if I can fight the obstacles and come out alive. I can most certainly do this. And I'll come write here when it gets tough. I hope that's alright.

(all talk, no action)
(come on come on come on)

  • Try looking for a tiny job in the area or volunteer work using newspapers and going to the city

  •  collect more rocks for an artistic project I'm making for Frank

  • do the only "job" I have for now, which is earn $ collecting facebook pictures for my mom in a big family album (all since 2011) - this will cover whenever I can return to Frank again.

  • Construct an entire weight loss plan, the way I like it, but better, visual support and note-keeping included. Maybe even sketches *** the whole mess. This will help my sense of self, help me with casting my fear away (in my own twisted way) and can channel "impulses" I can't currently give into in a more productive way than sitting on my butt comitting carboside.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

  • I may relax by reading the book on the top of my reading list. After almost a year, I should be finishing TOO FAR soon.

  • I may also relax by plugging in my drawing tablet and finishing up the drawing I'm making for my friend.

  • When I'm really bummed out, I can read AWARENESS instead of TOO FAR. It might be more helpful.

If I could, I'd invent an android to litterally kick my butt and plan my days for me and kick my butt some more if I didn't do what I was supposed to do. An android programed with my happies in mind. (& the maintenance of the elements in my life the way I want them to be)

I would willingly program this thing to kick my butt or beat me or something. Not too k!nky, or it's counter-productive. I'd probably have to make it visually unnapealing, a short & fat robot. But it has to be able to kick my butt. Or pinch me. Yeah, I hate being pinched. That doesn't do nothing for me. (hahaha)


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